Fév 27

Under-paid employees: Amazon condemned for the first time before the french labor court (prud’hommes)

Amazon is one of the companies that actively recruit employees in France. At the end of 2018, the company announced the creation of 7.500 jobs. Even so, its social policy is often criticized, and criticism seems to have been heeded by the French judges.

Seven employees of Amazon, who argued that they amazon did not take into consideration their professional expertise and that they were underpaid have brought their cases to court.

French judges in charge of employment-related legal disputes took sides with the employees in the judgement rendered last Monday, February 18. They considered that the seven employees have to be reclassified by Amazon, which is liable to pay salary reminders.

This decision, considered as a victory for unions and work committees, could open up the door to a lot of new employee procedures.


Caroline SIMON-PROVO pour Aturquoise