Mai 19

Cracking down on piracy helps China promoting its economic and social progress

If a few years ago, Chinese movie theatres weren’t that popular, nowadays this is changing. Tickets are becoming more affordable so that going to the cinema is becoming a trendy hobby.

Impunity is no longer the watchword for online piracy! Indeed, criminal and administrative penalties are more deterrent so that downloading movies illegally isn’t as attractive as it was before. Many clarifications over the legal terms helped PRC’s judges to make consistent decisions in order to fight copyright infringements on a regular basis.[1] Not only does it help the government to “maintain order in the audiovisual market[2] but it also promotes social progress as Chinese consumers are more aware of the rule of Law. This also appears as a good incentive for producers whose rights are better guaranteed. Chinese consumers are therefore gaining access to a greater number of movies, which helps to meet their spiritual needs but also to develop urban culture.

Katia Beider & @ATurquoise

[1] National Copyright Administration (NCA), comments sought for revising implementing measures for the copyright administrative penalties, 2015.

[2] China Daily, Chinese Intellectual Property, Notice of the cracking down on the piracy of New Years’s film, 22/03/2011,

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